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What To Look For in the Perfect Michigan Golf Course Wedding Venue

Mar 24, 2020Bucks Run Admin

You want your wedding day to be perfect, so you need the perfect venue to host your special day and entertain your guests. Michigan golf course wedding venues offer several of the amenities you need, with all the natural beauty and charm you want.

Michigan’s golf courses vary widely in the amenities offered and the natural views guests can enjoy. When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, it’s important to keep a list handy of things that are important to you so you can make sure a location checks all the boxes. To help you create your list, here are five important qualities you may want your Michigan golf course wedding venue to have:


Convenient Location


A wedding venue should be one that won’t require complicated directions for your guests to follow. It will be easy to get to and have plenty of parking to accommodate everyone. Golf course wedding venues are great for this. They will usually have ample parking lots and are close to populated areas where your visiting guests can stay. Oftentimes, you may not even have to worry about arranging transportation or ridesharing to your ceremony or reception.

Michigan golf courses make exceptional venues because they showcase the natural beauty of the state’s landscape; groomed to perfection to highlight its lush and unrefined appeal. Some of the state’s most beautiful courses offer natural wooded seclusion so your ceremony will feel private and special. Others offer breathtaking waterfront features, which make for beautiful photo opportunities, while provide amazing views for your guests.


Extensive Services


Let’s admit it. It can take a lot of time to research and select catering services, bartenders, tables, chairs, dancefloors, and everything else that’s needed to make your special day a reality. However, there are many venues that offer all of this, without requiring any additional research work from you. Golf course wedding venues that already feature an onsite restaurant are more than equipped to cater your event. They may offer their own menu or be willing to work with your specific tastes or guests’ dietary restrictions. Bar service is also a must, and several golf course venues offer that as part of their package.

Extra services your wedding venue might offer include rooms for the bride and groom to get ready or assistance with planning and coordination of your entertainment. You’ll also want to check that your venue has features like enough bathrooms for guests to use and plenty of outlets for the entertainment, lights and sound systems. You might not think to look for these beforehand, but not all venues are prepared to support your ideal wedding. You’ll be glad you checked when it comes time to set up for the event.


Beauty and Charm


Your perfect wedding should feature a stunning backdrop for your event. Golf course wedding venues make beautiful backdrops because their job is to maintain pristine greenery. Many also offer gorgeous water features, such as lakes or rivers. They also have a clear view of the sky, which lets in abundant light for your wedding photos.

Indoor settings at golf courses should make the most of the views with large windows that bring in light and warmth to your ceremony or reception. Your venue’s location should be peaceful and private, so your guests can enjoy its charm into the night as they celebrate your wedding. It should work with your unique style, whether it's more classic or bohemian.


Plenty of Space


If you’ve been a guest at a wedding before, you’ve probably noticed that weddings take up more space than you’d think. You not only need room for the ceremony and guests to sit, but also clearance to move furniture, speakers and catering equipment, room for guests to eat and, of course, dance. Too small a venue might mean you need a separate location for the reception, which requires more travel, setup and ultimately money.

Golf course wedding venues have the capacity to house the ceremony and reception on the same property. You can use a backdrop of the course for your ceremony and then retreat to a patio or large indoor entertaining space for the reception. This will not only be easier for your guests, but will save you money you could spend on extra features for your event.

The perfect venue will also have indoor/outdoor flexibility. You might have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, but if the weather takes a sudden turn, as it’s known to do, you’ll be glad there’s a backup plan in place.


Flexibility and Packages


Finally, when it comes down to booking your venue and deciding on which services you want to be included, your ideal wedding venue should work with you on what they can offer. Golf course wedding venues almost always have packages designed to help you get the most out of your budget - and usually have additional services you can add-on for comfort and style.

You should also practice flexibility when choosing a wedding venue. Is having your ceremony at a particular time of year most important? Or would you rather prioritize catering and accommodations for your guests? When it comes to booking dates for your event, your choices may be limited if you say yes to both. Booking well in advance could help you catch the perfect venue for a specific day, but also maintaining an open mind will allow you to find the ideal venue that is capable of hosting the event of your dreams.

Bucks Run Golf Club is one of Central Michigan's top golf courses, and we're well known for our outdoor waterfront wedding venue, as well. Our beautifully groomed grounds and outdoor ceremony location overlooking Lake Fisher make the perfect backdrop for your special day; that will feel both secluded and private.


At Bucks Run, you can feel like you’ve stepped into another world, but we’re conveniently located nearby bustling Mt. Pleasant, MI. The Quarry Grill is ready to cater your event and we offer a variety of wedding packages you’re sure to love — give us a call at (989) 773-6830 or reach out online for more information.

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