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Recipe Inspiration from the Quarry Grill Restaurant

Sep 03, 2019The Quarry Grill Team

Blog Post By: The Quarry Grill Team

For several years now, the Food & Beverage Department and the Grounds Department have been teaming-up to grow fresh produce for our customers to enjoy at the Quarry Grill. The garden is in full-bloom, which gave us the idea to share some recipe ideas inspired by our very own Bucks Run garden. 

Early fall is prime time for fresh produce from the garden. In the Bucks Run garden, you’ll find fresh green beans, three different types of tomatoes, including sweet cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, squash, and so much more.

IMG_1395  IMG_1397

At the Quarry Grill, Chef Ben’s summertime recipes abound and feature fresh, colorful, and tasty vegetables straight from our very own garden. With such fresh ingredients, there are plenty of easy, yet delicious summer recipes practically begging to be made.

To name just a few of our favorites:

  • Light, veggie-packed pasta, with mouthwatering marinated, homegrown tomatoes
  • Green bean pasta salad, bursting with crunchy fresh flavor
  • Savory, crispy, pan-fried zucchini fritters

And let’s not forget to mention our impressive summertime salads, into which we throw all our garden’s bounty for a classic, light dinner or happy lunch. A simple Google recipe search can give you exact recipe ideas and instructions for all the ideas we've listed above.

We all hope you come out and enjoy the beauty of our course and the freshness of our food! See you soon! 

Ben, Amy, and Brien

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