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Prepping for your Central Michigan Golf Trip

May 15, 2020Bucks Run Admin

It’s still early in the season, so if you’re cooped up at home waiting for warmer weather, there’s no better time to start planning for summer and fall fun — including your upcoming Central Michigan golf trip! There are plenty of things you can do now to help you prepare, such as learning about the area and the surrounding courses, preparing some activities to do off the course, and even getting in shape so your golf swing is prepared for summer! We’re here to help you do all of that and more.


Learn About the Area

There’s no better place to focus your Central Michigan golf trip than Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and its surrounding towns. Mt. Pleasant has some of the most comfortable and welcoming accommodations, unique dining opportunities, and hospitable residents. It’s also conveniently located near many of the state’s top golf courses, including local and out-of-towner favorite, Bucks Run Golf Club. Other nearby courses you can enjoy include Apple Mountain in Freeland and Tullymore Golf Resort in Stanton.


Bucks Run Golf Club

This pristine and award-winning course sprawls across 290 acres of rolling greens and water features. The 18-hole course features a variety of scenery, from natural wetlands to wooded areas, river rapids to the crystal waters of Lake Fisher. Whether you're taking a break or winding down after a long day of golfing, their Quarry Grill Restaurant can also serve you a delicious lunch or dinner, along with a drink from the full-service bar. The Bucks Run staff is attentive and accommodating. They will see to it that your visit is everything you want out of a Central Michigan golf vacation.


Apple Mountain

Also featuring a versatile 18-hole course, Apple Mountain is an all-inclusive stop in mid-Michigan. Tucked in the green hills of Freeland, this course was designed by John Sanford to make the most of the picturesque scenery, including established hardwood trees, groomed greens, and a quaint pond. Apple Mountain has expert instruction available, from group clinics to golf camp for junior golfers to private lessons for all experience levels. After a full day on the course, enjoy a meal at the Mountain View Grille, which offers a variety of sustaining casual dining choices.


Tullymore Golf Resort

This golf resort includes two courses, the Tullymore Golf Course and the St. Ives Golf Course. Winding around 800 acres, the Tullymore course is surrounded by preserved wetlands, beautiful meadows, and sun-filtered woods. The 72-par course was ranked in the Top 15 in America by Golf Digest. The St. Ives course is uniquely challenging and wrapped in stunning highland scenery. If you’re one of the lucky few to master the 14th hole, reward yourself with a champion’s meal at the St. Ives Grill or head for the Tap Room overlooking the 18th hole at Tullymore.


Book Non-Golf Activities

To add variety to your Central Michigan golf vacation, plan a few non-golf activities. Make reservations to sample local dining options in downtown Mt. Pleasant, or add some time to try your luck at Soaring Eagle Casino. If you’re looking to spend more of your vacation outdoors, the casino also offers routine top-notch concerts at their outdoor concert venue. Off-course plans will help you make the most of your Michigan travels and give you a well-rounded Mid-Michigan experience.


Get in Shape!

This time of year is best for early season preparations. Get in your workouts before your Central Michigan golf trip, so you’re in swinging shape when it’s vacation time. Here are some simple exercises for golfers you can work on now that will have you in perfect form when it’s time to get back on the course. Try adding multiple sets of repetitions once you’ve mastered each move and make them part of your daily routine. 


Side Step-Ups

This easy exercise improves stability in the hips, essential to holding a steady stance. To do it, step up sideways onto a stair or low bench about 8 inches off the ground to start. To make sure you’re distributing your weight to the standing leg, keep the opposite one active by dropping the heel and lifting the toe. Perform this move several times on each side. For added difficulty, increase the height of the obstacle.


Lunges with Rotation

Standard lunges are great for strengthening the lower body, but for golfers it’s helpful to add the element of rotation. At the bottom of the lunge rotate towards the bent leg, holding a medicine ball or weight. Practicing rotation helps with the separation of lower and upper body — essential to the perfect swing.


Russian Twists with Medicine Ball

Sitting down with your knees bent in front of you, raise your heels so your feet hover, keeping your back straight. Begin to twist, moving your upper half only, from one side to the other. This move strengthens your core and back. Practice the twist with your hands clasped in front of your chest or holding a medicine ball for added difficulty.


Cat/Cow Stretches

This yoga move is a low-impact way to improve hip and shoulder flexion, strengthen the lower back and core muscles, and increase mobility in the spine. Begin on your hands and knees. Drop your middle toward the ground and create a concave shape with your back, then flip the motion and raise your back up to the sky — imagining a cat arching its back. After alternating these a few times, work to find a neutral spine, using your core to support you. Replicate this neutral position while golfing to support your lower back and improve your swing.


Sword Draw with Dumbbell

As our final exercise, we recommend this weight-lifting move to strengthen the shoulder and rotator cuff. Begin in your golf stance using the neutral spine you found in the last move. Starting with the dumbbell at your low center, rotate your shoulder out to move the weight, as if drawing a sword. Continue the movement up until your arm is at the top of your golf swing before resetting back to where you started. Repeat on both sides.


Now that you’re limbered up and ready to hit the greens, plan your visit to Bucks Run Golf Club through their custom Play & Stay Golf Packages! As one of the finest golf courses in Michigan and just minutes outside of Mt. Pleasant, we can offer you a truly exceptional summer golf experience. Reach out to us to get started and look forward to the good times ahead.

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