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5 Tips for Planning a Down-Sized Wedding

Apr 06, 2021Amy Saunders

Blog Post By: Amy Saunders, Event Coordinator

Planning a wedding of any size takes a lot of work. Then, add-in gathering restrictions that are constantly changing, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Below, I have listed some key tips that I've found helpful for couples planning a wedding during this time.

1. Know the Restrictions

It can feel like every other week there is a new restriction or some change that is going to affect your wedding, so the best thing to do is stay informed! Know what the state restrictions are and check with your venue to find out how the restrictions directly affect your wedding/reception. Restrictions vary from state to state. If you are planning an out-of-state wedding, make sure you are well informed of that state’s restrictions, and check with your venue for further explanation when needed.

2. Creating your Guest List

The guest list can be one of the toughest parts of planning a wedding. With restrictions still in place, many couples are having to make tough choices based on how many people they can invite. I suggest you each make a list of the people you truly want in attendance and go through both lists together. If restrictions lift before your wedding, you might be able to add some more guests!

3. Choose Plated Dinners to Simplify Social Distancing

There may be a bit more work with getting everyone’s meal choices, but I highly suggest opting for plated meals over buffet service. Plated meal service is much faster! There is no need for guests to wait their turn to be dismissed for the buffet and can remain seated and socially distanced while they are served.

4. Simplify Reception Set-Up

Planning the set-up for a smaller reception can be a great thing! Having more space to work with can give you more layout options and a chance to get creative. However, you should check with your venue about the best set-up to accommodate your guests with the current restrictions in mind.

5. Plan to be Flexible with your Timeline

Planning the timeline for your reception is very important. Communicating with your venue/Event Coordinator on what time you want each aspect of your reception to begin will help ensure everything is on time and runs smoothly without you having to be interrupted to clarify little details. Make sure you are aware of any curfew restrictions that could affect your timeline, but be flexible with the final hours of your timeline as the restrictions may change.

Planning with restrictions can be tough, so make sure you are staying in close contact with your venue, vendors, guests and staying informed of the current restrictions. Communication is key!


Photo Provided By: Miranda Parker Photography

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