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3 Tips to Help you Prepare for the Golf Season

Mar 05, 2019Jon Conklin

Blog Post By: Jon Conklin, General Manager & PGA Professional

How does the average golfer prepare for the upcoming golfing season?  Typically, the answer is "doing NOTHING"!

This month, we are going to discuss a few concepts for the average golfer to use when preparing for the upcoming golf season. You may ask, what about the better player or more avid golfer?  We won't be touching on this today, since they are most likely doing these preparation techniques already. Remember, they are a low handicap, avid golfer. Today's blog post is all about helping the "everyday golfer", who is sitting at home, watching The Golf Channel, while it is 10 degrees out and the snow is blowing.


If you have read our blog posts before, you know I consistently talk about the importance of stretching.  I cannot stress this tip enough!  Let's be honest, it's hard to do any athletic sport if your body cannot move in the correct fashion.  Below, I have included a link from Athletico.com, which provides 8 simple off-season stretching techniques.  In this article, you will see there is a direct correlation between the ability level of a 0-10 handicap vs. a 10-20 in each specific area of rotation, range of motion and balance.  Again, touching on why I am writing about the average golfer this month.


Grip, Posture, & Swing

Often when the new season begins, in my experiences, golfers do not have issues with hitting full shots. Where many struggle, is with feel and control of their shorter clubs. Because of this, I suggest leaving a few different clubs in your house, in places where you typically spend most of your off-time. For example, your living room, basement, or bedroom. While you're watching your favorite show or the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational this weekend, pick-up the club, and work on your grip, set-up, posture, and swing.  If you have a mirror that you can look in, that will help you immensely. 

From there, you can work on your chipping/pitching technique.  Set down some books, alignment aids, or golf clubs to help see your path.  This will be the same for putting, as well.  You can also use the pattern of a wood floor or vinyl flooring to assist.  However, I do not suggest working on your chipping on these types of surfaces.


Lastly, I recommend going to the gym, but if you're not doing that already, the gym probably won't happen. Instead, what I like to suggest is walking. I know it is very cold out right now, but by walking more, and combining stretching into your routine, you can start to get ready for the golf course. To add a little something extra to your walk, take a few small barbell weights with you, as well.  I suggest 5 pounds in each hand. This allows you to get in your small workout, while not working all that hard.  From there, you can start to walk faster and further distances.


Remember, good golfers are not born, but are made from their determination and ability to grow as a person and golfer! I look forward to seeing you at Bucks Run soon! If you've never visited us before, click here for a course tour.

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