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How to Clean and Prep your Golf Equipment for Winter Storage

Nov 19, 2020Emily Rohdy

Blog Post By: Emily Rohdy, PGA Head Professional

The 2020 golf season at Bucks Run Golf Club has officially come to an end. Thank you to everyone who joined us for a great year on the links.

So, what's next? Even though the cold temperatures and frosty mornings have set in, it does not mean your golf season is over quite yet. Many people throw their clubs in the garage for the winter without giving them any thought until spring rolls around. However, the fall and winter are the perfect time to get your equipment spring-ready, so you are prepared when the season picks-up again. Here are some of my favorite tips for preparing your golf clubs for winter.

1. Do your Golf Clubs Need Re-gripped?

Check your grips to make sure they are clean and tacky. If not, the winter is a great time to evaluate your set and determine what needs to be done. If your grips are wearing down, look at having your clubs re-gripped. At Bucks Run, we can order a wide-selection of golf grips to help you get your clubs looking brand new. Or, if you have your own grips you have purchased, we can throw those on for you for a small fee, as well.

2. Check the Grooves of your Golf Clubs

It is also important to examine the grooves of your clubs -- especially your irons and wedges. Wedge grooves can get worn-down easily from the continual use they receive. Plus, the dirt that sits in the grooves can make them generate less spin, giving you less control around the greens. Just take some warm water, a little soap, a soft bristled brush, and towel and get those clubs cleaned-up to prevent rust and wear.

3. Clean out your Golf Bag

Another smart thing to tackle before storing your equipment is cleaning out your golf bag and throwing out any used/unnecessary items that have collected throughout the year. Get rid of those holey gloves and cut up golf balls so you can start fresh.

4. Consider Updating Equipment

Finally, if you need to update equipment, the off-season can be a great time to contact your local golf course to inquire about replacement clubs, bags, and other accessories. Doing this now can also help you avoid the spring rush to purchase equipment. Just call Bucks Run Golf Club and we will make sure to get you the brands and equipment you need to get ready for the spring!

We look forward to seeing you on the golf course in 2021!

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