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An Update from the Grounds Crew: Fall Golf

Oct 22, 2019Craig McKinley
Blog Post By: Craig McKinley, Golf Course Superintendent
Fall is here, and the fall colors are slowly starting to show through on the golf course this week. With the warmer weather we've had this fall,  the trees have taken a little longer to turn and start dropping leaves, which has made for some great fall golfing weather. 
IMG_7758_SQ  IMG_7757_SQ
Fall also means aerification on golf courses. Our greens were aerified on the 7th and 8th of October, and are recovering well despite the cooler weather. This year, we double-aerified greens using a tractor-mounted deep tine, as well as our walk behind aerifier. The deep tines were 12mm in diameter and we got to a depth of about 10.25 inches into the greens profile. We then followed that with a .75 inch diameter solid tine that went to a depth of around 5 inches, and filled all the holes with fresh sand. By using both means, we are able to open up a lot of channels for oxygen and water movement into the greens profile. This will allow our greens to have better rooting and overall health into the coming year. 
bucks greens 2
The grounds staff has also been busy working on our men's tee on #8. It was stripped, re-leveled, and drainage was added to the right-side of the tee. It was then seeded; however, after a surprise five inch rain event, the seed was washed away and needed to be re-leveled. We decided because of the cold weather to just sod the tee top and the surround, so that it will be playable sooner in the spring. The staff did a wonderful job and we are very thankful for them. 
8 tee
This coming week, we will continue to prep the golf course for winter by winterizing the irrigation system, and starting the process of the daily leaf clean-up in order for fall golf to continue!
Please remember to fix your ball marks and replace your divots. We hope to see you out for one more fall rates round before the season ends!

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