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Golf Stretches & Indoor Golf Club Drills

Mar 03, 2020Emily Rohdy

Blog Post By: Emily Rohdy, Head Golf Professional

Are you golf-ready for 2020? I'm here to share some helpful indoor drills and tips to sharpen your golf game.

Emily Rohdy Bucks Run Golf Professional

If you’re like me at the end of October, when the golf season has come to an end, you have prepared your golf clubs for hibernation for the long Michigan winter. Before you know it, April comes around and you get that notification that your local golf course is opening!  You wake the clubs from their slumber and rush out to the links. You get to the course with high hopes and new goals of making birdies, improving your green in regulation percentage, gaining that extra 7 yards with the driver, dropping 30 foot one-putts, and scoring in the low 70’s… but this, my friend, is only wishful thinking. 

For some, the winter is a blessing.  Players forget about their old habits and have a carefree, relaxed approach to the game and find they are hitting the ball better than ever. This honeymoon phase lasts for about a week, maybe two, and then you find yourself falling back into old habits… three jacking greens, shanking wedge shots, and yelling profanities as your drive sails off into the deep abyss of the woods right after you pull a back muscle from swinging too hard.  Sound familiar?

What if I told you that there was a way to get yourself golf ready before any of this happens?

Those clubs you are storing can still be put to good use in the winter months, and with a little work, you can get yourself golf-ready long before the first blade of grass appears. 

The Importance of Stretching & Cardio

Off-season golf training and stretching are vital to every golfer’s well-being.  First, let’s discuss the importance of stretching. Stretching is crucial to the game of golf.  It not only helps the golfer gain flexibility, but it also plays a huge role in strengthening the muscles of your swing as well.  Building muscle through weight training is important, but if you have all the muscle in the world and no flexibility, good luck hitting that golf ball where you want it to go. Here is a link to a great article on keeping your edge this off season by doing these simple exercises:


If you have a gym available to you, use it!  It doesn’t have to be every day or for more than 30 minutes. That cardio workout that you are dreading, do it!  If you walk the golf course, you know how important it is to manage your breath while you are playing.  It will really come in handy when it’s game time and you are crouched over that need-to-make 7-footer for the match.  Doing high resistance training, along with light-medium weight conditioning, is a fantastic way to strengthen your golf swing.  Here is another informative golf article about three myths and truths about weight training and golf:


Practicing Indoors with Golf Clubs

Another thing you can do to keep yourself familiar with your swing, is to keep a golf club handy somewhere in your house. Use it to practice how you hold the club, hone in your pre-shot routine, perfect your posture, and analyze the set-up, middle position, and end position of your golf swing.  You could be doing all this while you wait for your dinner to come out of the oven, or while you are watching your favorite show.  The best part about this method is that you can do all of this and never have to leave the comfort of your home!

As you can see, there are many methods you can use this off-season to get golf-ready for 2020.  Now, all that’s left to do is choose which method is right for you and stick to until the course opens. Best of luck and we will hopefully see you on the links soon!

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