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Fitting Days & New Golf Equipment Explained

May 07, 2019Jon Conklin

Blog Post By: Jon Conklin, General Manager & PGA Professional

It's that time of year to test out new golf equipment! Last year we tried something new. We did away with the normal Demo Day format we've all known for years. The typical Demo Day where a course hosts many vendors all on one day, and golfers stop out and try any club they would like. We decided that we wanted to improve this system.  After speaking with numerous company representatives, our Bucks Run Team developed a new concept which has proven successful for both golfers and vendors.

Let me tell you about our new "Fitting Days".

While you can still test the latest and greatest in golf equipment, we are now giving you the opportunity to have specialized, one-on-one time with a single company’s representative. What does that mean for you?  Well, you’re now able to receive professional fittings by the people who know their equipment inside and out. It also means you have the opportunity to hit on a Trackman or another sophisticated launch monitor. 

For comparison purposes, if you were to schedule your own professional fittings with this type of one-on-one service and technology, you're easily looking at $100 minimum just for the fitting. However, our Fitting Day service is FREE (with appointment).

This year we are offering 4 different dates, with 4 different golf equipment companies, to help you find the best equipment for your game. Read on for full details and my thoughts on the new equipment.

New Golf Equipment & Upcoming Fittings Days

TaylorMade: Saturday, May 11th from 10:00A-2:00P

While the entire TaylorMade product line is good, people are really talking about the M5 and M6 Drivers this year. TaylorMade kept last year's Twist Face Technology, but now they speed-injected the face. What does this mean? Tuning resin was injected to optimize the COR across the face. This will maximize ball speed and distance.

TaylorMade also has one of the most successful putter lines on the market today.  In almost every group on the PGA and LPGA Tour, you will see someone with a TaylorMade putter in-hand; usually the Spider Tour and Spider X.

Titleist: Saturday, May 18th from 10:00A-2:00P

Titleist is one of those unique companies that does not release new woods and irons each year. They are on a every-other-year life cycle.  In the fall of 2018, the new TS Wood line was released, and in the fall of 2019, the iron line will be introduced. The TS Wood line has 3 different options. You have the TS2, which is designed to maximize forgiveness across the face, with higher launch and lower spin.  The TS3 is speed tuned, with more of a mid-launch, with low spin.  Lastly, the TS4 is a mid-launch with the lowest spin out of all the drivers and 430cc’s (versus the others at 460).

PXG: Saturday: June 1st from 10:00A-2:00P

For those looking for the ultimate custom club fitting experience, there is none better than PXG. Clubs are never sold off the shelf! It is PXG’s motto that every golfer’s clubs should be tailored exactly to their unique swing for optimum performance. For 2019, PXG released their new line of GEN2 Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, and Putters. Their newest releases include: The 0811 X Driver, which is one of the lowest spinning drivers on the market; built for distance and accuracy with nine different adjustable weights. The 0811 XF is fine-tuned for forgiveness and offers a deep center of gravity, with the weight back, to help launch the ball up in the air.  Also new this April are their line of 100% milled putters.  Available in eight different head shapes, with three hosels, and two finishes – each interchangeable to offer you the best custom putter fitting you have ever seen. 

Srixon/Cleveland: Saturday, June 8th from 10:00A-2:00P

Srixon/Cleveland continue to work well together to provide offerings for every type of player.  New for the Srixon line are the Z 585 and Z 785 drivers, along with the fairway and hybrid line.  The 585 is a bonded driver, which promotes a higher ball flight, with more forgiveness through the face, for off-center hits. The 785 is an adjustable driver, which promotes more of a penetrating ball flight, with less spin. 

From the wood line to the iron line-up, Srixon kept the same naming with iron lines of the 585, 785, Z Forged, and U85 utility irons.  What makes these irons so great is they can be combined to make combo sets where it best fits your game.

We cannot talk abut this company without mentioning Cleveland.  While most know Cleveland for their wedges, they also have some great equipment at very affordable prices.  When I say affordable, I am talking about $299 drivers vs. $499!  That savings works its way down from the driver to the fairway and hybrids.


In conclusion, we hope to see you out for Fitting Days and a round on the course soon! As always, we recommend appointments for the Fitting Days and all other Bucks Run Upcoming Events by calling (989) 773-6830. Have a great week!

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