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Find The Perfect Banquet Hall in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Oct 13, 2020Bucks Run Admin

If you’re planning a large event in Mt. Pleasant, MI, you’ll need to find a banquet hall to accommodate your event and guests’ needs. Once you have the basic details nailed down — event purpose, head count, and budget — it’s time to find a place to host your event.

In Mt. Pleasant, there are plenty of event spaces to choose from, but not all will have the capabilities, amenities, or the right feel for your event. Consider carefully what type of space would be best for your event and write a list of priorities that would make it a success. These could include:

  • Space
  • Visual appeal
  • All-inclusive amenities, such as food or beverage service
  • Affordability
  • Convenient location

Let’s take a look at how to use these priorities to find the best banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI.


Large Banquet Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI


If your priority is space, look for banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI that are large enough to accommodate a large party. Restaurants may have private rooms available, but they are typically suited for smaller parties. For big gatherings, ask for banquet hall availability at your local event spaces —  conference centers, casinos, golf courses, and universities typically have rooms big enough to accommodate groups for events. Michigan golf courses make especially great event venues because they are set up to entertain, often offer dining packages, and the views are often hard to beat. 

If you wish to host an event outdoors, look for banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI that have ample space in and out-of-doors. In Michigan, you never know when the weather might turn, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan to move the group indoors just in case!


Visually Appealing Banquet Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI


If space isn’t an issue and you’re more concerned with aesthetic, you might be looking for banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant MI that are visually appealing. These locations either have unique and attractive interiors, or are situated somewhere with excellent views. 

If you want your event to feel cozy and intimate, look for a smaller venue with wood beams, a large fireplace, and plenty of soft seating for guests to gather. If you’re looking for a striking and impressive venue, pick a spot with a great view and large windows that show it off. The bigger and brighter your banquet hall, the better.


All-Inclusive Banquet Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI


If your event needs to provide entertainment for guests, it’s best to look for banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI that have special amenities or can easily be configured for a variety of activities. 

Golf courses make great venues for events because they typically have banquet facilities onsite that can accommodate your guests with ease. For entertainment, golf courses have built-in activities surrounding your event location, and likely offer golf options for this exact purpose. Indoor rooms will have internet and electric hookups for speakers and projectors so you can play music or lead a presentation. Find a Michigan golf course event venue that offers dining services, and your event planning is nearly complete in one fell swoop.


Budget-Friendly Banquet Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI


The best way to budget for your event is to find a single location that has everything you’ll need. This avoids hosting at multiple locations, needing to coordinate transportation, and avoiding confusion for guests. For example, for a wedding on a budget, look for a venue where you can have the ceremony and the reception in the same location. A large indoor banquet hall with plenty of outdoor space for guests to enjoy is a bonus. 

Dining services at the same location will also save money, as you won’t have to hire a caterer and consider transportation and equipment costs. Whatever the scale of your event, the best way to complete it under budget is to find banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI that offer all the amenities you need, packaged at a single location and a single price.


Conveniently Located Banquet Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI


When deciding between banquet halls in Mt. Pleasant MI, choose the one that is most conveniently located. This will make it easier to write directions on your event invitations, and easier for your guests to find. For your event to be a success, your guests have to be able to show up. A poor first impression of driving in circles trying to find your event location will be difficult to recover from.

You should also look for banquet halls with plenty of available parking. If your guests need to carpool or arrange a shuttle to get to your event, it will be less convenient for them, and more of a hassle for you to coordinate adequate transportation. 


If you're looking for a banquet hall to accommodate your upcoming event, stop by Bucks Run Golf Club. Our banquet facility features an impressive wooden beam structure, panoramic window views overlooking Lake Fisher, a sound system, dance floor, outdoor patio space, dining services, beverage services, and plenty of parking for all of your guests. We'd love to host your upcoming event! Reach out to us today for more information.

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