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Break those Bad Habits with Golf Lessons

May 04, 2021Emily Rohdy

Blog Post By: Emily Rohdy, PGA Head Professional

After experiencing over a year of restrictions due to the pandemic, many people are looking for new ways to get out, socialize and breathe the fresh air. Because of this, golf has been on the rise as of late across the entire industry. It provides a safe way to exercise, get outside, and be with friends and family. If you are like many others right now, you may have picked up a brand-new set of golf clubs, but have never really played before and don’t know where to start. Some people think, “I’ll just learn on my own and figure it out as I go.” This can work for some, but can also create a lot of bad habits that take twice as long to fix as they do to develop.

Let's put a stop to those bad habits before they develop (or even start to break some bad habits that have already formed). There is no time like the present to learn the game the right way. Just one lesson can have lasting effects on your enjoyment of the game.

Golf Lesson Options

Bucks Run Golf Club offers a variety of instruction options, with multiple instructors. Jon Conklin, James Howard, and myself are all here to help you grow your golf knowledge and to help you gain confidence on the course. We offer 30-minute and 45-minute lesson sessions, as well as lesson packages for those who want to make it more of a season-long learning experience. Everything is customizable to your own golf game! You can even schedule a two-person lesson and bring a friend along to make an evening out of it.

You can visit our Golf Lessons page or email one of our instructors today from our Contact Us page to request pricing or schedule your very own lesson with one of our top-notch instructors.

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