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5 Fall Golf Tips for Mid-Michigan Golf Courses

Sep 01, 2020Bucks Run Admin

Fall is a great time to plan a round of Mid-Michigan golf: You can enjoy lower rates, often fewer people, golf at your own pace, and leave the humidity of the summer behind you — all while you’re surrounded by gorgeous fall colors. That being said, golfing in the fall can come with its own challenges. Here are five fall golf tips to keep you comfortable and warm when you hit the greens this season.


#1 Dress for the Season

Planning a mid-Michigan golf course outing in the fall might mean fewer people out on the course, but you’ll have to contend with more variations in temperature. Autumn nights in Michigan can get quite cool, but the days are still warm. One of the most important fall golf tips is to dress in layers, especially if you like to golf in the morning or evening. Wear comfortable clothing that will keep you warm, but also breathe so you can stay dry while you move around the course.


#2 Stay Warm On the Golf Course

Golfing when it’s cold out can be challenging. The lower temperatures cause your muscles to tighten-up to protect your extremities from cold. To stay limber, take extra time to warm-up before you start your game by walking around the clubhouse and doing plenty of stretches. Also, try to keep moving and avoid standing still for long periods of time. 

Be sure to bring gloves, ear warmers, hand warmers, and insulated socks to keep your extremities protected. Even if you don’t wear them the whole time you’re out, they can help extend your time on the course and your comfort level.


#3 Adjust Your Equipment

Two fall golf tips to help you to stay on your game are to use a softer ball and go up a club size. When the temperature drops, the golf ball won’t travel as far. Colder temperatures can make it difficult to keep your feel for the ball, so making adjustments to your normal equipment can help you score. Also, the cooler weather will make the ground firmer, so anticipate that the ball will roll more off the drive.

#4 Be Realistic about the Weather

Michigan is notorious for having unpredictable weather, and in the fall, the weather forecast is even less reliable. Changing fall temperatures mean changing conditions, and sometimes your plans, as well. It’s important to be realistic about weather concerns when picking your tee times and keep an open mind if the weather turns sour.


#5 Have a Backup Plan

It’s a good idea to have a backup plan for your Mid-Michigan golf outing just in case the weather has other ideas. For example, if the ground is frosted you’ll likely need to wait for it to burn off before you head out or you risk damaging the course. Be flexible, and warm up with a cup of coffee or sip a Bloody Mary while you wait. If some rain drives you off the green, head back inside to warm up with a meal or peruse the golf shop for some end-of-season golf gear deals.  


Golfing in the fall is worth any amount of uncertainty that may arise from the weather. When the conditions are right, there’s nothing like a mid-Michigan golf course outing during that time of year. The fall is putting on its best show just for you, so remember to look around and take it in. If you keep these fall golf tips in mind, you’ll be ready with an open mind and the right equipment to enjoy a beautiful day out on the course. 

Looking for ways to stay on the course, even through the fall? We're here for you! Head on over to Bucks Run for a beautiful round of golf and affordable fall rates through the fall season. And after your round, why not stop into the Quarry Grill to warm up with a satisfying meal? Reach out to us to learn more about our fall golf opportunities today.

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